10.01.14 Day 31 of 30

As I work on my paintings i am always comparing values.  On the right corner you can see how much darker the value is.  But with yellows and oranges it is more of a challenge to manage the value.

10.01.14 day 31 of 30 greytone

I find taking the colour out of the image helps me to figure out the actual value.  It is very easy to do that right on my phone so I can see while I am working.   Sometimes focusing in on colour masks the value issues.  It is often something that I notice in other artist’s work is that they are not spending the time concentrating on value.  Colour is seductive.  It is pretty and fun.  Value is work and not so fun.  But as Peggy Kroll Roberts said in an interview I listened to “Value does 90% of the work and colour gets all the applause”.

Tonight I did some of the big petals just to get the first layer complete.  What I am doing in the bottom right corner is sorting out how “dark” the deepest darks are on the petals.  I think another layer will need to be put on before I get to the right level of value.  Then I can start the shadows on the bottom petals and I have something to compare to while I am painting.

Day 31 complete.  I have 18 days for painting left!  Now the pressure is on.  I hope to get all the petals done the first round tomorrow.  Wish me luck!