09.29.14 Day 29 of 30

I have started a painting of a flower from my friend Janice’s garden.  It is Dahlia.  So here i am working bit by bit.   “Stephen’s Rose” just needs a little tweak in the morning to be completed.

I spent nearly 6 hours today doing computer work that I have been ignoring or that I am trying to get ready for my show.  So I have updated my website, wrote my newsletter, and so on and so forth.  Step by Step.

As I sit down after midnight tonight to do my blog post  for day 29 of 30 I remember that I am suppose to be doing a Blog Hop…so I will work on that for later this week.  Sorry about that Wendy!  I have really been avoiding the computer trying to get as many paintings done as I can for my show.

I figure I can finish this painting I have begun and 3 more 11×14’s before thanksgiving weekend. So I will put my head down and keep plugging away.

Day 29 is complete.  One more day for the 30 day challenge…but I think I shall continue to post bits and pieces daily as I get them accomplished.