Today was “naming” paintings day!  I have completed 5 since the third week of August.  Each were numbered but hadn’t been named.  When they were done I quickly put them away to move on but now it is time to get them scanned for use in my 2015 calendar.  🙂  I think I did alright finding names that fit each piece which took 3 hours. How can it take that long!?!  I keep a list of names used so I don’t inadvertantly use the title again.

09.26.14 Day 26 of 30

The flower on”Stephen’s Rose” (already named thankfully)is completed.  Now to focus on the leaves tomorrow.  It is a really dramatic rose because it is quite large.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Soon I will be working on a dahlia flower from my friend Janice’s garden…then the pansies!

Day 26 is complete.  4 more painting days until the 30 in 30 challenge is completed…but I have many more painting days left in prep for Dreaming of Colour Art Show!