09.23.14 Day 23 of 30

Oh working larger is an interesting challenge. Today I finally figured out what large paint brush I have that works better for doing then intense black background colour. I am using a #14 Dragons Tongue from Cheap Joe’s Art Supply.  I will be ordering an even larger brush of this. It works so well. The brush is soft and holds a good amount of paint/water.

The image I am working from is my middle son’s rose that he grew in his garden. He is really into gardening and even has a Youtube channel all about it.  Go and check out Alberta Urban Gardener.

This piece has a name “Stephen’s Rose”.  Seemed appropriate.  🙂

Day 23 completed.  Only 7 more painting days left of the 30 days of painting, but I have 25 more painting days to go before my show.