There was plenty of painting going on this weekend at the Open Sky Festival!  On Saturday I had over 50 people stop by and create a small 4×6 watercolour painting.  It was a whirlwind on Saturday!  I had one break that allowed me to change the water. 🙂  I had all ages come but I didn’t have much time to take photos until the end of the day.

09.13.14 Fort Simpson2 09.13.14 Fort Simpson1 09.13.14 Fort Simpson4 09.15.14 Fort Simpson3

Sadly I didn’t have time to check out what the other artists were doing.  There was a beaded earrings, puppet making, silk scarf painting, and my friend Diane was doing mural painting.  And all stations were quite busy! 🙂  It was great fun.

Then on Sunday we painted the tulip!  Here are 6 of the 7 students results.  It was such a fun class and weekend.  09.14.14 Fort Simpson Watercolour Class 09.14.14 Fort Simpson Watercolour Class2

Thanks to the Open Sky Festival!  It was a blast.