09.09.14 Day 9 of 30

So sometimes I am brilliant (sometimes).  This painting is large and I work on 140 lb paper which needs to be stretched on plywood.  I work with 140 lb paper because it dries faster than 300 lb paper (which I wouldn’t have to stretch) in my cooler basement studio.  But the weight of the plywood is getting to be very challenging.  So I put a wooden lazy susan under the board and wow I can rotate and work on different areas in a far more comfortable way.  Geez I wish I had thought about this ages  and ages ago.  🙂

The iris is coming along.  Sometimes when I paint I can’t tell that the painting is coming along until I look at a smaller image on  the computer.  I am pleased with how it is progressing.

Day 9 complete!  See you tomorrow.