09.06.14 Day 6 of 30

I have been painting floral images from Australia, Winnipeg and this painting is from the Edmonton area!   Today my oldest son sent spring flower images from Australia.  I wish I could just be transported over with my camera!  I did take some photos today around Yellowknife before the first frost hits.  I found some great pansies over by Staples and beautiful tiger lilies from Janice’s garden. I can never have enough reference photos!!!!

I have started the flower!  I am sure the leaves will need another layer…but first I have to get one petal done so I have something to compare it to. Everything is a comparison when I am painting.  Is it warmer or cooler?  Is it lighter or darker?  So when I get the petal completed then I will be able to compare other parts of the painting. 🙂

I am nearly finished getting my studio back in order.  Tomorrow I shall be back in there painting!

Day 6 is completed!