Well today was a productive day.  My DH did some renovations in my studio; fixing a wall, new flooring and freshened up the paint on the walls…so I finally made time to sort out my art library.  Now my studio is 1/2 way for me to be able to work down there again.  I will be glad to get down there and to clear the dining room table…for a few days at least.  🙂

So I completed this painting tonight. I haven’t named it yet.  Any suggestions?

09.04.14 Day 4 of 30

This painting will be displayed and available at Dreaming In Colour Show and Sale.

I really wasn’t sure I was going to display the whole painting because keeping work from being shown before the show means that there is a greater impact when folks see the work for the first time.  When one has seen work on internet it is easy to think “Oh I’ve seen that” and then not really take the time to actually look at the piece.  I know that this happens because it has happened to me.  I had seen quilts on line for a long time and then I was at a amazing quilt show I had to literally stop my eyes from skittering past. I had to remind myself that though I had seen it on the computer that there is a much bigger impact when standing in front of the work and seeing it in person.

So I may not post all the finished pieces this month.  I am feeling very conflicted about doing so.   I will see where I am when the next piece is completed.

See you tomorrow.