Well today got consumed with preparations for the second Community Organizations Info night that the City hosted.  Last year was the first time and there wasn’t many people.  This year we were more prepared and so was the citizenry of Yellowknife!  We had a lot of great folks stop by and take the info and engage with Joyce and I.

09.03.14 Joyce and I

We got to tell folks about how fun our group is and all the things we do from meetings with painting lessons, painting saturday, drawing around town during the summer and our next teacher Gerry Thompson from BC!  It was a good evening.

But I didn’t get to do much painting today…I finished a few more petals. Tomorrow will be back to normal!
09.03.14 Day 3 of 30

I also got to chat about the classes I will be teaching in January.  There are only 4 spaces left for Drawing 1.  🙂

See you on Day 4!