Oh fall is in the air. This summer the Yellowknife Watercolour Society has been meeting on Thursdays to Draw YK.  Tonight was the last one for the season.  We can’t start until June 10th because it has to warm up enough to be able to be outside. We are now dark at 10pm at night.

I left my little drawing kit at a friend’s place.  So tonight I went downstairs to put together a drawing kit for tonight.  I have a range of Copic markers. As you can see they are a value range from light to dark.

08.21.14 Drawing YK

So tonight I played with value!  That was a lot of fun. The sad part is that I have owned these markers for a number of years.  I think I will get them out and play with them more often!  08.21.14 Shawna was there

The background is completed and now I have begun to work on the flowers.  This is the first coat of colour. I think that there will be one more layer.

08.21.14 A new painting

I photographed this image of flowers in Australia!  🙂

September is coming in just 10 days. Then I will be painting for 30 days straight and posting what I  accomplish!  I am under no illusion that I will be completing a painting a day this time around.  I am preparing for my October 25th Show and Sale but I will be posting every single day for the month of September.  It will be good to get into a proper rhythm again.