34208.11.14 Stamens


Oh the pressure is on.  It is time to FOCUS!  I have stamens that need to be finished so I can move on to another painting.  We are told patience is a virtue.  Well I am feeling very impatient with the amount of time these stamens are taking.

My husband will tell you that when I get near the end of a piece that I start to grump about what seems to be the unreasonably long time it is taking to complete the work.  It doesn’t matter if it is quilts or watercolour paintings. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel seems to create strife instead of relieve.   I generally work through it.  I somehow find the fortitude to continue until the work is completed.  But these, seemingly, millions of stamens have nearly cost me my sanity!  🙂

There is another count down happening in my life…20 days until I start my Painting 30 days in a row challenge.  I will not be doing 30 paintings in 30 days…but I shall be painting 30 days in a row.  Can’t wait to see how that impacts my watercolour work! 31 days which is 4.5 weeks.  I hope you will join me at the end of each day as I post the part of the painting I accomplished that day.

Until then I am back to finish the last of the stamens…and maybe restore my sanity!