Last night on CBC National News the lead story was the crazy wildfires we are having.  There is one that started closer to the city but it is a bit away. Yes the roads have been closed intermittently due to fire but mostly due to heavy smoke in the area.  So I thought I would pluck some photos off Facebook. Thank you to NWTFires (a page on Facebook) and photographers Kyle Thomas & Kevin Klingbell.

07.16.14 The beginning Kyle Thomas

Kyle got this photo a few weeks ago at the beginning of the forest fire season.  I think that this photo was taken near Fort Providence (300 km away).  It is an amazing photo!

07.16.14 NWT Fires

07.16.14 NWT Fires 2

07.16.14 NWT Fires 3

07.16.14 NWT Fires Kevin Klingbell

This last one is Kevin’s photo which is the fire close to Yellowknife.

Now that you know we are not in imminent danger go and see what CBC had to say last night:


What I can tell you is that we have intensely smokey dingy days that seem to suck the life out of me (I am definitely an energizer bunny and I do better with sunshine) and then we have days with beautiful blue skies like today!

07.16.14 Blue skies

Funny how precious blue skies are when forest fire smoke keeps blocking it out.
07.16.14 Enlarging

So I sat outside and started to enlarge a flower photo!  I have been painting a lot.

Tomorrow is Ian’s birthday.  Happy Happy Birthday Ian!  I hope it is a great one.

 07.16.14 Ian

I know our dessert party is going to be a lot of fun! I am off to finish the lemon cake…