This week has been one of feeling rather scattered.  I have done a bit of painting and drawing…but not much.  I have spent way more brain time researching and working out a range of business items.  I have my marketing stuff nearly ready to go to the printer.   I have spent a lot of time building pages on my website that are still private at this point.

07.04.14 Drawing YK I am  so reminded that my brain likes to focus on one job at a time!  Notice the crazy forest fire smoke at the Drawing YK on Thursdays event .  We are painfully dry right now.  South of Great Slave Lake has gotten a bit of relief in the last few days with rain…not us we are still hoping we will get some rain soon.

I was interviewed for our Drawing YK on Thursdays adventures. We have a lot of fun.

07.04.14 Drawing YK on Thursdays

Well I am off.  I will see you next week!  Hope you have a wonderful one.