and then outside to PLAY in the gorgeous summer weather.  It is hard to sit at the computer for long these days.  I did spend 2.5 hours the other night sorting out how to send out a “reconfirmation” email for those who have signed up for my bi-monthly newsletter.  I had to do this because our country has a new law about electronic email newsletters ect.  Thank you to all who have reconfirmed.  I appreciate it.

I have been painting and drawing and I am really feeling like I am back in the groove!

On Saturday I spent a happy 4 hours drawing as a demo at a very busy event (I don’t draw people at this point…I am working on skill development) for the Aurora Arts Society.  It was a great afternoon!

06.26.14 Drawing1 06.26.14 Drawing2

I am leading a Drawing YK group on Thursday nights.  Here are a few of us.  There were more folks participating but I didn’t get a group photo of all of us.  Next time I will do the photo before we spread out to draw.

06.26.14 Shawna Joan Joyce Marcella06.26.14 Drawing YK Week 3

Here is the drawing I did tonight with the sailboats.  The wind was making them move…so I would wait patiently for them to get back into position and quickly capture as much info before they moved again.  A couple of boats I did that three or four times…the light was very flat tonight because of smoke from a forest fire south of Great Slave Lake.

 I have been painting away.  I have one more bday card painting completed (I hope another one will be done tomorrow after my morning session).  I don’t have a great photo of that painting yet but here is my first completed painting from Australia.  I am framing it and will be hanging it as soon as I get another small piece from Australia painted!

1120 Mallacoota Kangaroos 06.22.14


I have begun to work out some classes that I will be teaching starting in January.  I have the dates picked out and now I am working on the lesson plans. I haven’t done a lesson plan in many years.  I am very stoked about teaching here at the house.  Can’t wait to explore this part of being an artist. 🙂

Congratulations to Wendy from Australia.  You have won another set of cards.  I will be sending out some bday cards! Watch for them.  Only 20 more comments until I mail out another set of cards!   See you on Monday (if I can make myself sit at the computer) if not, next Thursday I will definitely make the time.