Sorry I missed Monday. I just was so intent on getting this commission completed and I have a very special friend in town.

06.17.14 Henris Cats copy“Sultry Dalliance”, 11x 14, Watercolour

Last summer I got a lot of cat items from a very special friend.  I was commissioned (1/2 Laurie and 1/2 me) to create a painting.  Janice came over and we did a still life set up lesson in my backyard using all of Henri’s cat items.  I had so many options but this one I liked because the cat shadow on the pitcher and the long shadows and the flowers complementing the decorations on the ceramic cats.  It just worked!  I had so much fun painting it.  And tonight Laurie and I  took it to the birthday girl!  Who was completely thrilled with how the painting turned out.  🙂

Henri and painting

A little iPhone photo…forgot my big camera!  (Notice the orange flowers in behind Henri…some were the same as the ones I used in the painting)

06.19.14 1899 buggy bike car

I had some time to draw this morning while I waited for a friend.  I started this drawing in Fairbanks Alaska at the very cool antique car museum.  This is an 1899 “car” built with two bicycles (without the seats) and a buggy body.  It even still runs…much the way it did in 1899…not very well!  😉

Tomorrow I have a toddler for the day which means I will be up a little earlier than normal and there won’t be any art production.  I can’t wait to spend the day with Miss Prudence!  Let the fun begin!!!!!

See you on Monday.