1117 Prairie Luster*

“Prairie Luster”, 33x48cm (13×19), Watercolour, $350.00 Available here.

Last summer my husband and I drove across the country.  As always I was watching for flowers to photograph.  Many, many years ago we lived in the southern Manitoba and all around us were many fields of sunflowers, corn, potatoes to name a few.  There is nothing more fun to watch the sunflowers follow the sun! They are truly “happy” flowers.

Since I didn’t have many images of sunflowers to work from I was watching for them.  Actually I only had one image of a sunflower that I took in my son Stephen’s garden and I had already done a painting from it.  We were a little early to see the sunflowers in bloom as we drove across the prairies…if we had found any fields of them.  We only saw one field. 😦   Thankfully when I was walking around Sherbrooke Quebec doing a walking tour I lucked out and found a lovely front yard garden filled with these beautiful sunflowers.  I have a few more images to work from.  🙂

This morning I sorted out floral images that I have already done and that I have printed ready for me to work with them. I have some totally amazing images to work from.  I just can’t work fast enough to keep up with my wished production level!

See you on Thursday!  Have a great couple of days.