What could remind you more of spring than tulips?  Well I guess crocuses might win over tulips!  😉

Sweet Spring 5x7

“Sweet Spring”, 5×7, Watercolour, $90.00 (free shipping) Click here to purchase!


1115 Sweet Cuddles 05.26.14 small

“Sweet Cuddles”, Good Night Moon Book, 8×8, Acrylic on board, SOLD

The was the second part of the earlier commission but I didn’t get it done in time…but I just had to paint it because it is so darn cute!  In the book “Good Night Moon” has a little mouse on each page.  It is fun to figure out where it is as the book is being read.  I was so thrilled to find a white mouse stuffed toy at the local second hand store.  It makes me curious as to who would buy a white mouse toy (other than me) and why they did so!  😉

I have to say it is a fun idea to take treasured children’s books and do a still life set up to create an interesting visual “story”.  Did you have a special book when you were a child or that you read to you child?  What book was it?

I had a painting go sideways on me this morning…had to cut it off the board and re-stretch a piece of watercolour paper.  So I will get started again in the morning.  So annoying. Thankfully I wasn’t too far into the painting so I didn’t lose too many hours.  Off for a bike ride…it is cooler today!  Oh well it is only the beginning of June.  😉