05.27.14 Daffodil Gallery Bruce Allen Show0

For the first time ever, I have been in Edmonton long enough (without the long “to do” list) that I  was able to tour around and checked out various galleries in Edmonton.  I found this lovely gallery that was having an opening of a show while I was there.   I was thrilled to be able to go.  There were a lot of people. Bruce Allen had a series of paintings from around Edmonton. I loved the ones that were the back alleys.   I liked how he captured the light and the buildings.  I was very impressed with his work.  Below are some photos from the opening!
05.27.14 Daffodil Gallery Bruce Allen Show

05.27.14 Daffodil Gallery Bruce Allen Show3

05.27.14 Daffodil Gallery Bruce Allen Show2

 I had a great chat with both the gallery owners Karen and Rick.  Karen, I look forward to seeing you in March!  🙂   Rick, I like your white series!  Cool stuff.


11.17.12 Bluebell

“Bluebells”, 5×7, Watercolour

And so is the final 5×7 I am sending out from 2013. Max won it at the end of December and she very patiently waited for me to get home and get sorted.   Max the painting is on the way!  I took this photo when I was in Atlin BC near the Yukon border.  I wish we had these pretty flowers grow here but we are too cold.  Atlin is right on a lake but close to the ocean and it really does moderate the temperature there in the winter.  It is a beautiful town with a long history that goes back to the Gold Rush. The energy in that little town was amazing.  I have a friend who moved there long after I had visited and was there for a long time before they moved to warmer Vancouver Island.

See you all on Monday!  Have a wonderful weekend.  Spring sprung right into summer here on Monday.  We are at 18C today.  So happy.