It certainly takes a while to get back in the swing of things.  I am back to painting…more below.  But before that I thought I would tell you about the end of our journey!

I got to babysit Burke for two days!  We enjoyed our very windy walks.  And I even got him to say “Granny” once.

2014-05-01 09.58.06


My parents came out to visit and for Sean’s Graduation.  It was great fun! Nice to see them just after we got back and our trip was fresh and exciting.

This is the favourite photo I took of my whole trip!  Very precious.

05.27.14 GG and Burke

05.27.14 GGs and Burke

Both GG’s with Burke.

05.27.14 Aussie Hats

All four of my guys with their fancy Australian Hats!  I think Burke’s is the best personally!  😉

05.27.14 Seans graduation

We ended our trip with a wonderful 8:30 on a Saturday morning graduation of our youngest son Sean!

05.27.14 Sean and parents

We are very proud parents!  The best part is that he got a job as a Software Developer and began working a few days after his graduation.  The last child is launched! There is a great deal of satisfaction in that statement.

I mentioned that I am back to painting. Between ending my contract work and leaving on our trip I completed one part of a commission but I didn’t have time to do both.  05.26.14 Commision Salutations

“Salutations”, 8×8, Commission
05.24.14 Commission Painting

So before I left I set up the still life so that when I got back to painting I would be ready to go without much “thinking”.  Here is the second one.  I am still working on it but I am pleased with how it is turning out so far!

It has been cold since we have been home…our first night it was -22C.  Thankfully we are warmer than that now. Tomorrow we are suppose to have spring finally arrive with sunshine and some heat.  I hope your week is filled with great weather!

Wendy from western Australia won a set of cards and she blogged about it!  Check out Wendy’s blog here.

I can’t wait to send then next set of cards out.