So what would you do if you had 16 hours between one flight and the next and you were landing in Beijing, China?

We  hired a car to pick us up at 11:20 pm from the airport and he took us to our hotel.  We got into bed by 12:45am. Then he and our tour guide arrived at 6am!  We were showered and ready to go.  05.03.14 China Great Wall3

First to the Great Wall!  It was about 1.5 hours away from where the hotel was.  And we were “eager beavers” and the first on the wall that day.  Our tour guide had never been on the wall so early and was amazed by the lack of others.  Guess it is highly unusual to get a photo with no other person behind us.  🙂

05.03.14 China Great Wall5

It was so amazing to be there and to be where others had walked for so long!  And in the morning when the light was so perfect for photographing the wall.

05.03.14 China Great Wall0

We went up by chair lift and this was the view behind us when I turned around.   05.03.14 China Great Wall

The wall!  I am sure I will be doing a few paintings from the photos I took.05.03.14 China Great Wall2Here we are again…I feel like I need to pinch myself!

05.03.14 China Great Wall4 Lily Tour GuideOur tour guide Lily and Ian!  Love her shoes!!! 😉 As we left the Great Wall of China it was definitely getting very busy!

But wait that is not all we did!

05.03.14 China ForbiddenCity

We went to the Forbidden City.  So many people there. Our time at the wall was highly unusual. 05.03.14 China Forbidden City2

The building were amazing. The history was fascinating and Lily really did bring it to life for us.  05.03.14 China Forbidden City1Loved the lines in this moat! Loved all the details too.

05.03.14 China ForbiddenCity Lily

Thank you Lily for such an amazing morning! And thank you the our driver (who’s name I can’t remember) for navigating through such interesting traffic.  We were glad to watch the world go by and never once felt worried about what was happening around us.   We were back at the airport by 1pm to go through security and catch our flight for 4pm to Vancouver…it was a very long flight!