It was hard to believe that the month had gone past so quickly.  We did so much…but there were a few more day trips to report on.2014-04-25 01.05.18

Here we are at the end of the road in Portsea.  It was a lovely day drive.  We thought we might go to a winery or two in the Yarra Valley but it was a holiday and such places were closed!  So we found a beach!  😉  Gotta love those amazing beaches.

Brighton Beach_LQ 001

We also went to Brighton Beach and saw all these funky beach sheds that we think are for storage purposes.  I would have loved to bring my paint brushes and did up one of them with a very cool northern Canadian flair!  That would have been fun.

We watched one of our last sunsets in Australia. The sun was going down earlier and earlier…it was dark by 6:30pm.  05.02.14 Last sunset in Melbourne

05.02.14 Last sunset in Melbourne2


I captured this young couple doing a selfie! 😉2014-04-27 12.51.06Here we are getting ready to leave Alexander.  Thank you Alexander for an amazing month!  Australia was fabulous!  We miss you very much!  Can’t wait until we can be together again…Love you lots!!!!!!

See you in a few days.  There is more to our adventure!