We have been home for a week.  Just getting myself sorted and back on some sort of schedule.  I haven’t been able to convince myself to sit at the computer long enough this past week.  I think it is a direct result of the long hours flying from the other side of the planet.  But here I am taking you back in time…back to our final days in Australia!

05.01.14 Twelve Apostles2


Ian holding up two of the apostles. You may have noticed the title is called Sow and Piglets.  Well up until about 25 years ago these rock formations were called “Sow and Piglets”.  I am sure that name wouldn’t be very inspirational to inspire the amazing amount of people to them as the name “12 Apostles” does.  It was a good name change!

05.01.14 Twelve Apostles4



We have spent a fair amount of time on beaches in Australia.  It was  glorious.  It will be some time before the beach in Yellowknife is ready to be visited but some how Long Lake just doesn’t quite meet up with the amazing ocean

05.01.14 Twelve Apostles6


Alexander doing what he has done every place we have been too…taking loads of photos and videos.   Check out the video here!05.01.14 Twelve Apostles7

Alexander and I getting caught by the water.  So much fun to play in the ocean.  05.01.14 Twelve Apostles8

This is my “I was here” photo…soon all evidence was gone.

I will be back to producing art but until then I have another couple blog posts about our travels!

And before the day ends.  I would like to wish my Mom a very Happy Mother’s Day once more!  Love you lots Mom.

05.10.14 Mom and MeSee you all soon!  BTW I am still sending out cards, just not from exotic locals!  Comment away.  😉