04.23.14 Uluru0 I can’t even explain how I felt to be in the presence of  magical sacred Uluru.  I was in awe.  We all were.  The rock changes with the colour of the light.  The impossible red and green combination was amazing.  Everything was very green as they had rain just 10 days before we arrived.  I marveled at the variations of greens that lay before me.

04.23.14 Uluru

As the sun dipped lower and lower on the horizon the great Uluru showed its amazing colour adaption.04.23.14 Uluru Shawna

Here I am!  I even bought a hat at the Alice Springs airport (cause sadly that is all we saw of Alice Springs) to wear there because the sun is intense even though we are in late fall.
04.23.14 Uluru dawn

Uluru at dawn by Alexander Legaree of Coal Photography!

We woke up early and went to watch the sun rise on Uluru.
04.23.14 Uluru sun shining down

 We returned a few hours later to walk around the base of Uluru.  It is well over 10 km and flat.  The sun was bright, not a cloud in the sky as the temp climbed to 30C…and this is their fall!  
04.23.14 Uluru tiffany and Cedric

Cedric and Tiffany wanted their photo with Uluru too!

04.23.14 Uluru sacred waters

As we walked around we found the was the only area that still holds water.  In times past (and maybe present), when sacred rituals were held by the indigenous people this was the area that they would come to gather water from.  We were very lucky to see it with water in it.  It was a still quiet shaded place.

04.23.14 Uluru birds

We did see wildlife but not a lot.  There were a range of birds. These were new to us! They are very cool.

04.23.14 Uluru dingo

As we parked our car to begin our journey around Uluru a dingo walked past the front of our vehicle…I couldn’t get the camera out fast enough!  So here he is continuing on his way.04.23.14 Uluru lizard

The last night we saw this lizard. He stayed very still and changed from green to camouflage with the ground colour.  I was right on top of him taking photos well he stayed frozen in place.  We left him and he scurried on very happily.

Congratulations to Wendy Barrett of Perth, Australia who won the third set of cards since we left Yellowknife in early March.  I did indeed mail them from Uluru!  Wendy worked there many moons ago.  Check out her blog post about her experience.

Our time in Australia is drawing to a close.  I have another post or two in me before we leave.  We feel like we have been here for months with the amount we have seen and done.

Remember to comment and you may well receive a set of my cards in the mail!  On to the 100th commenter!  😉