I had a wonderful opportunity to share my work and to talk about my artistic journey.  Each day I had about a dozen people come and listen.  Some had highlighted my talk as one of the things they really wanted to do!  So much fun. The video above was done by Alexander during my Friday morning floor talk.

Mom 001

This woman has a cousin’s son who lives in Yellowknife.  She asked if he knew me but he didn’t.  The world is a small place! Mom 004

We are off to Uluru in the morning. We fly to Alice Springs where we change planes and head off to Uluru for three days!  I can’t wait to see the rock at sunrise, sunset and do the walk around the base of the whole rock.  Also I am looking forward to the blast of heat…it is predicted to be 28C!

It is nice here during the days but there is definitely a feeling of autumn in the air in the evenings.

See you on the flip side of Uluru. I shall be checking for comments and counting them. I have a package ready to mail from Uluru!  I am sooooooo excited to go.

Have a great weekend! May those in the northern hemisphere have spring weather for easter and for those southern hemisphere I hope for you a lovely autumn sunshine too!

p.s.  My new friend Sugy has a blog…in korean… check it out here.  She posted more photos of the gala evening.