I have been meeting some wonderful people.  Just after I arrived I received an email from a woman name Jenny (a quilter) saying she would love to get together and that we had a mutual friend.  I didn’t ask who the friend was but I figured if she knew someone from Yellowknife then all would be fine. She came and picked me up and that is when she told me that she is a friend of my dear friend Barb Round!  Jenny thought I was a very trusting person!  🙂 But she didn’t know that I have had this experience over and over again so I have learned to just flow along and it pretty much is fabulous.  I met Marlene who also knows Barb!  It is a small, small world!

04.16.14 Shawna Jenny Marlene

Marlene and Jenny took Miss Tiffany and I out for lunch…04.16.14 Shawna Miss Tiffany Marlene and Jenny

and to an Artist Cooperative gallery (which was fabulous!) where Miss Tiffany found me some new studio buddies! Marlene made them. I picked up the blue monkey and a pink bunny!  Just darling!!!

04.16.14 A new studio buddy

Miss Tiffany is enjoying having company!

04.16.14 Betty and ITwenty years ago I went to quilt workshops in Seattle Washington where I met Betty.  She and I are both communicators so we have remained in contact each christmas for all these years.  It was just wonderful to see Betty and to spend sometime together.  It was a precious visit!

04.16.14 Sugy Kim and Me

On Saturday night AQC had their gala event. It was completely fun.  Though at the start while I was waiting downstairs to be let in I stood there knowing not a single person…I had met three people on Wednesday evening but I couldn’t find them in the crowd.  Thankfully Sugy turned around and we started to chat.  We had a wonderful evening together. She and her husband even gave me a ride home at the end of the evening!   They are very nice people!

04.16.14 Yvonne Brown Shawna Sugy KimWe sat with Yvonne Brown who was one of the Tutors. Yvonne hails from England.  Check out her website!

It is completely fun to see an old friend and to make new friends!

We are getting closer to sending out a new set of cards.  I would love to mail them from Uluru!  Comment away!  😉