We went to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is a fabulous place to go. You pay and receive a bag of food to feed the kangaroos.  What a wonderful experience.  They were very gentle and they liked to eat.  🙂  If you ever get to Tasmania you need to head right over to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
04.13.14 Tasmania

They love when we scratched them on the chest.  Guess it is hard to scratch yourself when you have little front arms! 04.13.14 Tasmania2

Alexander got some great photos of the kangaroos.   04.13.14 Alexanders Kangaroo

The photo above is Alexander’s!  Isn’t that the cutest begging kangaroo you have ever seen!!!!04.13.14 Tasmania3

Sometimes they would gently hold on to our hands with their very sharp claws.  Got to get every last bite!  04.13.14 Tasmania8

Again with the cool birds. These just landed and were feeding.  They are not part of the sanctuary.04.13.14 Tasmania4

We got to see a wombat. She is nearly 22 months old.  She is docile and cuddly at this point.  But soon she will become very aggressive and they will start a soft release back into the wild.  Turns out wombats have genetic memory and they release quite well into the wild.  04.13.14 Tasmania7

Ok koalas are very cute…not particularly smart as they have a brain the size of a walnut but with a brain that size they have survived a very, very, very long time!04.13.14 Tasmania6

We each got to pet the koala and get our photo taken with him. 04.13.14 Tasmania5

Alexander was the first to do a selfie with the koala!  Love the smile!04.13.14 Tasmanian devil

But the best thing about the whole Sanctuary was the Tasmania Devils.  This one was taking a run around its pen.

04.13.14 Tasmanian devil1

We learned a lot. Like Tasmania Devils eat everything, fur, skin, meat, bones…every part of an animal.   They are scavengers with amazing jaw strength but shy.  Sadly there is an infection that is being transferred from one to another during feeding frenzies. The infection presents itself as cancerous tumors around the mouth and throat which leads to a 100 % fatality rates.  The scientists are working as fast as they can trying to figure out what the infection is.  But they have released uninfected devils onto an island and they are prospering. This will give the scientist time to figure out what is going on and hopefully figure out how to cure it.  Then they can bring them back.  They are really worried about losing the whole population of devils.
04.13.14 Tasmania9After the fun morning of being at the sanctuary we went to a couple of wineries and picked up some Tasmanian wine.  YUM!

Back to Hobart we go.

 What wildlife have you seen around your home recently?