04.01.14 Ian and Shawna

Well we happen to like palm trees…

04.01.14 spider

What was next to the palm tree…one of many spiders.  Alexander tells me I don’t have to worry about this one. Ya right.  I will happily keep my distance.04.02.14 bird

During the few days that we have been here we have stopped several times along the side of the road to take photos or exchange driving duties.  Each time there was a bird singing.  I tried to find the bird in the foliage of the trees with no luck.  So we go to the Parliament building and these black and white birds (which are Australian Magpies) are singing the song we heard by the side of the road.   😉

04.02.14 Tiffany and Cedric

Ian taking a photo of us doing our little photo shoot with our traveling monkeys.04.02.14 view from parliment building

The view from the Parliament building roof.  It was a fascinating building.

04.02.14 view from parliment building2

We even saw one copy of the Magna Carta!  There are only a couple of original documents…and Canberra has one!  What a bonus.


We didn’t get to stay long in Canberra as we had a 600 km drive ahead of us.   We were home by 9 pm.  We did about 2400 km in 4 days.  Good thing we are from the NWT where we get lots of practice doing long distance driving.

The 50th comment has been made!  Congratulations Dayle from Yellowknife.  You are the winner of a set of cards.

Now on to the next set of 25.  I hope to mail out a set of cards again before we leave Australia.  Wouldn’t it be great if I had to mail them from Uluru in the centre of Australia!  😉