03.29.14 Ian in waves

At one of our beach hopping stops Ian took a swim in the waves! 🙂

03.29.14 Sydney Alexander Ian

Here we are at the iconic Opera House in Sydney.

03.29.14 Sydney Shawna Ian

photo 5Ah selfies…

Then it was time to head to bed before we got up for the next day of touring around…

04.01.14 Pan and I

Pan greeted us at the entrance of the Botanical Garden!

04.01.14 bird

Birds…such cool looking ones.

04.01.14 Cockatoo

And Cockatoos!  In the wild. So darn COOL!04.01.14 Tiffany at the art gallery

Miss Tiffany is thinking that she likes the look of the bedroom in the painting.

04.01.14 Ian and Alexander

We spent some time in the Art Gallery.  Some fabulous paintings that were very inspirational.  Made me long to go directly to my studio….
04.01.14 Ian and bird

Ian trying to bond with the bird…but the bird knew he had nothing in his fingers.04.01.14 rose

I spent some time in the rose garden taking reference shots for painting once I get home.  I have enough flower photos to keep me painting for 3 (or more) years if I did 2 or 3 paintings a week for every single week! 😉 I am going to have to improve my painting speed to keep up.

More of our adventure to come another day!  The weather is glorious, the terrain fabulous, and the company magnificent.

I hope to send off cards soon.