03.29.14 Ian and Shawna

We are enjoying seeing palm trees.

03.29.14 Ians

Alexander has done the bulk of the city driving but Ian has done a lot of highway driving getting use to driving on the other side of the road.  I am quite content to sit in the backseat and watch the world go past.

photo 3

Ian and I enjoying the amazing sunrise in Mallacoota.  We were there enjoying the surfers, watching the sunrise and marveling that we are in Australia!  😉

photo 1

Alexander capturing the sunrise with his new 10 stop filter…he is playing with the light and water movement!  Looking forward to the photos.  I will share one here if he will let me.IMG_20140329_072509

After the sunrise we started back to our motel to pack up to get going…before we got there we found a small group of kangaroos!  Yahoo!!!! No more waiting to see them.
03.29.14 Kangaroos

03.29.14 Kangaroos1

03.29.14 Kangaroos jumpingI was so thrilled to capture one of them bounding away!  We are thinking that kangaroos are like deer in Canada…bet they love people’s gardens!

Tomorrows post will be about our time in Sydney!  What a beautiful city.

See you tomorrow.  Comment away!