We have arrived!!!!

03.27.14 here we are

Alexander was so surprised to see us there…NOT!  We were both very glad to give our oldest very big hugs!

03.27.14 St Kilda Beach

Here we are at St Kilda beach watching our first sunset in Australia.  We were so thankful after having sat for so long while traveling to be able to go for a long lovely walk!

03.24.14 Shawna and TiffanyJust before i left Alaska I got to go walking with the reindeers just outside of Fairbanks!  It was a very informative talk about reindeers and the history of them in the State.

03.24.14 JudyMy lovely friend Judy was also there. 🙂  As were her brother and sister-in-law

03.27.14 Tiffany picnic

Back to St. Kilda and Miss Tiffany was enjoying a picnic at the beach!

More to come! Comment away so I can send out some of these lovely cards I brought with me.  Talk to you all soon again!!!!