02.18.14 Australasian Quilt ConventionWhen I am in Melbourne the Australasian Quilt Convention will be happening!  I plan to spend a day or two there…and there is a great reason for that (beyond the amazing quilts that will be there)!

Drumroll please…

I will have 4 quilts on display there as an International Artist!  This past week I got the quilt images in with my bio and photo.  I am so darn excited.  I contacted them cause I couldn’t find any info on a juried show part of the show.  This quilt conference brings together all the winning quilts from all over Australia so they don’t have a juried show of their own.  How exciting to be able to see the award winning quilts all one place.  I have never been to a big show so I am really excited about checking it out!

I will post photos of me and the quilts when the show is on.  If you know anyone in Melbourne I would love to meet them during that weekend!!!!

I have a very big smile on my face!  I am sooooooo excited and honoured to have been asked to bring some quilts.

Two more comments and I can send out my first package of cards for 2014! 😉  Will it be you?

Have a great week.  Only 8 working days left!