but who is counting down the days!?! 😉

02.26.13 Greeting a New DayThis was one of my favourite paintings from last year.  It was a challenge to figure out how to do the shadows on yellow petals.  I got a few great images of sunflowers when I was south last year.  I have one ready to go once I am back in my studio…but before that happens Ian and I will be traveling!

First we are off to the Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks…

02.11.14 AlaskaMap ALASKA!

Then we are off to see Son #2 & 3 and Daughter-in-law #1 and Grandson #1 before we head off to this far flung continent…

02.11.14 map_of_australiato see Son #1!  He is way down at the bottom of Australia in Melbourne.

I will be doing something very excited when I am in Melbourne!  Next week I will share my fun news.

So have you been to Australia?  If you were, what was the highlight of your trip!?!

Only 7 more comments and I can send out cards.  I am making up sets of cards to take on my travels so I can send them out as the comments pass by 50/75/100!  😉

See you next week.  Have a great one!!!