Well life goes along.  I made a decision not to worry about trying to be in my studio until I am done work at the end of the month.  Every time I go in the room and do a little work I end up leaving the room feeling out of sorts. I have such a long list of paintings I want to accomplish and it is impossible to do when my schedule has changed so drastically.   So instead I will do what I have time to do, which is work and keep up with life in general and the art time will be back.

Though I did find a few minutes to do a little more on this drawing.  The teddy bear is very chic indeed.  Thanks to my nieces, Natalie & Madeline and my nephew Xuanni for the lovely gift.  I do think she will make it into a few still life paintings in the years to come!  😉  I love the black and white dress with the pearls.  Tres fantasique!

02.04.14 drawingI am missing the scanner part of our printer…I had to take this photo with my phone camera.  It is going to be a fun drawing.  I love the ladybug fabric for the picnic blanket!

12 more comments and the first set of cards for 2014 will be sent out.  Who will be the 25th commenter?  Will it be you!?!

I have 3.5 weeks left of work.  I have a lot of things at work that I want to get accomplished in that time frame.  I have made a good dent in getting rid of stuff that has been hanging around the area for a long time…it is important to leave a place better than when you came.  I have had a number of lovely comments from my boss this week!

See you next week.