So finally the last of my yearly holiday cards arrived at their destination!  I got a lovely text from my Mom.  😉 Yes my parents were the last card I mailed out this year.

1102 Sweet Holly Blush

“Sweet Holly Blush”, 11×14, Watercolour

Available for $225.00 (unframed) click here!

I had so much fun gathering the various elements.  I located the kissing boy and girl on ebay, I found the cup a few years ago close to valentines day here in Yellowknife.  I had really wanted to do mistletoe but it doesn’t travel long, long distances at all so holly it was!  😉

I have started to design next years image already!

Tonight we had our monthly watercolour meeting. I didn’t get any photos ’cause I was teaching a lesson on light and how  to “sketch”  with watercolour.

01.20.14 Class watercolour sketch

Quick sketching in a room that dried out the painting very, very fast which makes it hard to keep from having strange areas in the sketch.

This is a week of anniversaries.  A year ago today we lost our dear friend Barb.

01.20.14 Smaller circle

We all have circles of friends.  Our circle was diminished when we lost Barb (seated) to ovarian cancer.   Our circle is now down to only 4 now because Heather moved far away.  How I miss both these women but in different ways!  My oldest Alexander did the photo shoot!  He did a great job.

01.21.14 Gramma Lawrence smallTwenty years ago tomorrow my very special Gramma Lawrence died.  I still miss her. It is funny as I get older the more I wish I could spend time with her.  Love you lots Gramma!!!!

I started another 5×7.  I shall have something to show next Monday.  See you then.  I have decided that for very 25 comments I will give away a set of cards!  Comment away and see if you can be #25, or #50 or #75 ect!

See you next Monday.  Have a great week.