Well with working full time I am finding that I can blog once a week.  So that is the schedule for the next while!  I am glad that busyness of the holidays is over so that I have a bit more time for painting.  My decision making while painting seems to have slowed down.  When I am in the flow of painting long hours I just paint without having to “think” too much.  I find painting more of a challenge when I have to “think” about what to do next, or what colours go together to make the colour I am seeing.

01.13.14 Solo“Solo”, 5×7, Watercolour

I am really pleased with how it turned out.  The leaf came together in such a surprising way.  I do enjoy the ruffly petals of the nasturtium flower!  There are more of these flowers in my future!  😉

So I shall see you in a week!  I will start another 5×7 painting tomorrow night.  Watch for the “live from my studio” on my Facebook page.  Have a great week.