12.12.13 two layers on

…of a 5×7 painting.  Can you guess what type of flower it is?

I am not sure where my week went but it does go past very quickly once I am working full time.  I have a busy weekend ahead.  I have projects that need to get done and 6 more children coming to decorate houses, and a party, and guests…life is very full and fun!

I remind myself each day about why I am working full-time!  Australia in March/April is going to be a lot of FUN and we will spend some time with son #1 who  moved there nearly a year ago.  We will be there in their fall which means that there won’t be a lot of flower reference shots taken.  But I plan to take you along with me and blog from there.  😉

Well it is time for bed.  I started this post nearly 2 hours ago but got distracted with mini cupcake making!  Someone’s birthday is  just a few hours away.  Hmmm I wonder who that person is!

See you on Monday!  Remember that the final draw for an original 5×7 painting is happening on January 1st.