All last week I was busy on each evening baking all the little pieces of personal sized gingerbread houses,

12.09.13 Houses3

sorting candy,

12.09.13 houses4 the bling

making yummy icing

12.09.13 Houses5 the morter

so that 12 children and young people decorated on Saturday morning.

And the houses were so artistic!



Kagan and Dana

12.07.13 Lidya and Tara

12.07.13 Kagan Ball

12.07.13 Gingerbread house with three girlsThe children who have participated before came right in, picked out a house and got right to it.  They have spent time even thinking of how they will decorate their house. Those new to the process were more tentative and wanted to know if they could take their houses home…of course!  I love doing this every year.  This year we have a split event because I didn’t pay attention to a big dance event…the Nutcracker!  I can’t wait to catch up with three more and their friends this coming Saturday!

We did have fun last week decorating the office…

12.09.13 Decorating at workI am working with some great people!

See you on Thursday!  Maybe with some painting…hopefully!  😉

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