Regularly I use a brain storming program called FreeMind.  It is brilliant and it is free!  I use it for my years planning or for idea generating for series that I would like to do.   I even use it for my yearly letter I send out in December to family and friends.

Here is a great video that will get you going. FreeMind Tutorial .  You can download this program here!

11.28.13 off to work I go.jpg“Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s off to work I go!”  I put my resume out on Thursday at 1am…I had an interview at 4pm the next day. I got an job offer on Tuesday and started work on Wednesday morning.  So painting will happening…just a little slower. 😉

1106 Morning Delight SOLD

“Morning Delight”, 13×19″, Watercolour, SOLD

I am very pleased with this piece.  I liked the layers of depth I created with the leaves.  It sold on Friday night of my Open House.  I dropped it off to their house just two days later and they showed me where they are hanging this piece of art.

See you on Monday!