Well I hadn’t planned on the computer being dismantled this past week in preparation for my very first Open House.  Next year I will be better prepared!  😉

11.18.13 Open House Prep


Beginning to set up the “walls”!

11.18.13 Open House prep2The next “walls” go here! 😉

11.18.13 Open House Prep3

Now to cover the “walls”!

So here is the video I was hoping to upload on Friday for when the Open House began.  It was a great success.  Loads of people came and we enjoyed wine, food and talking about art!  But I didn’t coordinate anyone to take photos and both Ian and I were too busy to remember.  Next year I will remember to do that!

I was very pleased with how the lighting worked!

11.18.13 Open House completed

11.18.13 Open House completed2

Yesterday I delivered the paintings…

11.18.13 Painting Deliveries

See you on Thursday when I will do the draw for last month now that I can concentrate on something else beyond the Open House.  Only 2 more months to win an original 5×7 painting!