I got some of my post card invites out in the mail today.  I still have a load to write up and mailed out in the next day or two.  I am working on a 13×19 inch painting of irises.  So far so good!  🙂

This weekend Frans Aeyelts from Lunenburg Nova Scotia is here to do a public lecture and to teach at a school and a workshop for local watercolour painters.  If you have some time on Thursday evening at 7pm come by NUP and we will be in room 205 for the public lecture. This event is open to everyone.  11.05.13 No.18 Hayseed on Port Tack copy

I am sad that I don’t have time to take his workshop.  Next time I am booking (since I am the class convenor) the workshop for February!  Then I will be able to participate!!!!

See you on Thursday.  I hope to find some time to figure out who are the winners for the month of October.  The figuring out who won and the announcement may have to wait until after the sale…depending on how my life goes.