So I have been trying to get away from names like “Daisy 1” and “Daisy 2”.  Last spring I had a talented young woman come over and help me name some of my paintings, which was completely fun.  So I have been working hard to create unique names for my paintings and poetry is helping me to do that.  I am reading a lot of poetry these days each time I complete a painting.  So to that end…

10.21.13 Whisper and Listen 5x7s“Listen Intently” and “Whisper Tenderly”, both 5×7, Watercolour, and available at my Open House (Save the date – Nov 15 & 16)

And on to other exciting news.  My painting “Simmering Summer” earned the “Viewers Choice Award” at the YWS Show on Saturday.  I am deeply honoured.

1099 Simmering Summer

Well we only have 10 days till the end of this month…halloween is nearly upon us and so is another draw for an original 5×7 painting…which I need to paint!  😉  Get your name into the draw!

Have a great week and see you on Thursday.  Not sure if I can show you what I am working on since the next project is the painting for my holiday card and that is a very well kept secret until folks receive their cards.