I missed this fabulous photo that Ian took of the one of the volunteers taking my cookies around (there was a lot of movement in the photo)…notice how few are left!

10.12.13 Last cookies left

Gee I spent the last two days tired from all the commotion and busyness.  But I did get a bit of my next painting accomplished.

10.14.13 CherriesThe cherries I am working with are very deep in colour.  Next year I will have to get some fun coloured cherries.  I love the shape of them.  I can’t wait to add the highlights.   I am especially pleased with how the side of the bowl turned out.  🙂  That took a while to do.

I will be back later tonight with the results of last month…who will win the 5×7 painting and the cards?

See you soon and thanks so much for dropping by.