Ok I am home and not settled down at all yet.   France Benoit did an amazing job. She and Gary Milligan did a fabulous job on her short films.  Gary is her camera man and the person who did the editing.  Why do we live in Yellowknife…go and check out the short films at Art of Giving.    France and Gary caught a magnificent sliver of Yellowknife.  The place was packed tonight. Some people that I know but lots that I don’t know (which is not a big surprise since I hang around in my studio all by myself most of the time).   Check out the photos that Kristen Murphy took of me working on the quilt…just click on “Sweet Secret” and the photos are underneath.  She really liked the photo of my pulling thread on my sewing machine.

10.11.13 Art of Giving Crowd

I made a load of cookies last night in preparation. So at intermission trays of cookies were circulated and they were gone really fast…which is not a surprise if you have ever tasted them. They always go fast! 😉

10.10.13 Cookies Galore

Ian took photos with his phone camera…I forgot the real camera! Thank you Ian.  He got some great ones.  10.11.13 Sweet Joy and Shawna

Here I am with “Sweet Secret”!

10.11.13 ARt of Giving 1

I got to catch up with some of my favourite people!  😉  That is the absolute best part.

Here are photos of folks taking a closer look at the quilt.  “How did she do that?”  Can’t you hear them thinking that.

10.11.13 How did she do that

10.11.13 Getting an even closer look

10.11.13 Getting a closer lookThere were people there who have never seen my work before and it was completely fun that it was this piece that they saw!  😉

Well enough gushing.  It was a lot of fun!  Now to get back to watercolour painting tomorrow.  I am 5 weeks away from my Open House Art Show and Sale…November 15th isn’t that far away.  Not a good time to get distracted!

See you soon!!!!