10.10.13 Preparation for displayThe quilt is done!!!!  The display system is out but the cover still needs to be ironed.   I have been sorting out how to add lighting to my display system because the place will be dark.  I bought some lamps which I tried to use the attachment foot but it kept moving.  Then a moment of brilliance…I thought…what if….I put the lamp directly into the display system…  It worked!  Yahoo.  I can’t really extend the lamp too far because it is a single unit but I can see when I have several units together I shall have greater flexibility with positioning the light.  I am a happy artist. 🙂

10.10.13 Lasting Spell 1095

“Lasting Spell”, 8×10, Available at my Open House Art Show and Sale in November

I am back to watercolour painting.  Oh I do love watercolour painting so it is great to be back at it.  I am just going to head down to my studio to work on another painting.  A still life with cherries.  After that painting is completed then I will finally do, rather late and in a bit of a panic, my yule card painting!  Can’t wait to get to it!

See you tomorrow evening when I do the “ta da” of the quilt!!!!  Can’t wait to hear what you think.