So I have had a busy week catching up on errands and laundry and so forth.  I had fun delivering the paintings around town on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was fun to watch people open the paintings up and exclaim that they look better in person.  😉  I caught a cold which slowed me down and I even had a couple of naps this past week, which is highly unusual!  Now I am back in my studio but sadly I can’t show you what I have been doing.

I painted two 6×6 inch paintings for an Anonymous Painting show/sale that happens later on this week.  So I will post them as soon as I can.

I have nearly finished quilting the quilt.  I have threads to pull and then a bit more quilting and then I will be ready to set up the display on Thursday evening.  I will share the quilt on Friday evening!  Watch for the post.

1058 Tears of JoySOLD

I have chosen out the images that I will be painting for my Open Studio event in November…there is only  one pink flower which is opposite to June when I realized I had better do some other colours not only pink.  The above painting is one of my favourites!  I can’t wait to get going back to watercolour paintings.

On that note. I will try to sit down by the end of the week and let you know who won the monthly draw.  I have a busy week ahead…so it may not be until Saturday evening.  Sorry for the delay.  I haven’t forgotten just haven’t been feeling well this past week.

See you on Thursday. Maybe I can post the two small paintings by then. I can’t remember when the event is!?!  I just know I need to have the paintings in by tomorrow.