09.27.13 Kiss Me 26 of 30“Kiss Me”, 20x20cm (8x8in), Acrylic

$100.00 + shipping

Just a few weeks after my husband and I got married we went to Winnipeg with a group of kids for a swim meet.   We went out for supper and I bought a drink called “Jump Up and Kiss Me”.  Who could resist a drink called that.   The bonus is that it came in this glass and I could take it home with me!  Bonus.  For a number of years it was in the cupboard but as I started to cook with real garlic it seemed the perfect place to store it…well at least it did to me. 😉

Yesterday I went to pick up a few groceries so that there is food in the house when Ian comes home  for supper tonight…this is always a good plan.  I saw this elephant garlic and thought it would be fun to paint in the garlic holding glass.  It was fun!

Day 26 accomplished and only 4 paintings left.  But who is counting!?!  😉