Well after working long hours everyday since Sept 1st  to meet this challenge my body and mind decided that they needed a small break.  It was 18C outside and my dh and I walked to do an errand, then I just couldn’t even think about going back into my studio at all.  So I had a lovely rest of the day and evening!  I woke up feeling ready to get back at it.

First of all…

Day 9 and 11 SOLDTo the two folks who bought the paintings I would like to thank you for adding my art to your collections!  Thank you for the support.

Now on to todays painting.  One of the challenges I am really struggling with is ellipses…they are darn hard to do.  So I want to practice because I know practice will make me better.  The results when one is learning is not always at the level that one would like to be.  I would love to be a master painter but I’m not there and this painting reminds me of that point. 😉

09.23.13 Waiting for tea 22 of 30“Waiting for Tea”, 20x20cm, acrylic NFS

So I did alright with the subtle value changes…but the ellipses really do confound me.  I am going to have to look for some practical lessons that I can work through to get a hang of this challenging part of drawing and painting.

See you later!  I have an idea for painting #23 but will wait.  It is still nice out and so I am off to enjoy the last of the heat for 2013.