09.15.13 Two little Ducks 15 of 30“Two little Ducks”, 20cmx20cm (8x8in), Acrylic, NFS

So now the two older are in the tub…and the younger one is looking rather expectantly to its mom and she is just watching the other two.

Well day 15 is at an end…1/2 way through the month.

My husband and I spent sometime together today!  It was a beautiful day.  I hadn’t realized it was because my studio is in the basement and I have to cover the window to not have too much light contaminate my still life set up.  So it was a surprise how nice it was.  We certainly appreciate that in Yellowknife…it isn’t always the case by the 15th of September.

See you tomorrow!  Day 16 is going to be crazy…lots happening.  I am off to do the Yellowknife Watercolour Society newsletter, and prep for the meeting tomorrow night.