09.14.13 One little duck 14 of 30

“One little duck”, 20cm x 20cm, Acrylic, NFS

Oh my gosh have I had fun today.

The two ducklings are not impressed that their momma didn’t let them into the tub.  Have we not all had that experience when the oldest child gets to do something that is age appropriate but the younger children are put out that they too don’t get to do it too.

  I have this set of little ducks that hide in their mothers back.   This little coppery container came from my mother-in-law’s china cabinet.  I liked its shininess.   It was a challenge to capture that quality but I think I did quite well.   I liked all the reflections on the ducks and on the dish and doing the water was very interesting too.

Day 14 complete and I am officially caught back up!  Tomorrow on to day 15 and I am taking Stina’s suggestion from Facebook and doing a little series.

See you tomorrow evening.

Remember that there is a draw for a 5×7 painting and sets cards as well on Sept 1st.  I hope you get your name into the draw.