09.13.13 fall is here 13 of 30“Growing Old”, 20cmx20cm (8x8in), Acrylic

$100 + shipping

I  was walking yesterday and the light made these fireweed just glow with its autumn scarlet and green.  I was raising in Ontario.  We had beautiful maple trees that turned their riotous  colours each fall.  Here in Yellowknife the only red we see is close to the ground.  All the trees are birch and they turn golden yellow.

It was fun to paint these fireweeds.  I said I would only paint from life for this challenge…I could not do that with this plant as there were just too many angles and too much information.  So I took a photo and drew and painted from both life and the photo.

Day 13 complete.  Off back to my studio to get day 14 started and completed before the end of the day.  I will be caught up at that point.  I think I might be able to take Sunday evening off and hang around with my husband.  He will be asking who I am here soon. 😉

Have a great Saturday.  See you soon!